Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Redefined

For those of you that hate Valentine’s Day, I am here to tell you to RECLAIM and REDEFINE it! It is NOT a day about overpriced flowers, crowded restaurants, and jewelry boxes. It is NOT a day to be enjoyed only by those in romantic relationships. It IS a day to unabashedly celebrate LOVE. Family love, friendly love, neighborly love, love for your pets, love for yourself – well, you get where I am going.  
After a rough start involving an incredibly cranky toddler, a trip back to preschool to deliver a forgotten hat, and one killer headache, this is my plan for the day…I will bake brownies for my husband because they are his favorite (if you are reading this, please politely feign surprise). I will pack a special lunch for my daughter and enjoy seeing the obligatory pink hearts through her fresh and admiring eyes. I will reach out to friends and let them know how happy I am they are part of my life. I will deliver small surprises to our neighbors to thank them for being so welcoming and kind this past year. I will remember how patient my cat is with my curious baby girl and let her sit in my lap for an extra few minutes. I will treat myself to a small cup of pear sorbet made by hand at a bakery I just discovered near our house.
Could I do these things on an ordinary Tuesday? Sure (and perhaps I should). But I am a sucker for a holiday and Valentine’s Day is a great reminder to appreciate and celebrate ALL of the love in my life. I urge you to do the same and would love to hear about it.


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