Sunday, February 5, 2012

Starting a blog...

Lately, I have found myself comparing my brain cells to lemmings – they are all on the edge and lined up to be the next one to fall off the cliff. In an effort to convince a few to retreat and continue the good fight, I have decided to blog. Blog, blog, blog. Part of me worries that it is too trendy of an enterprise…everyone has a blog these days – does anyone really need my take added to the masses? However, I think I will find satisfaction in seeing my words appear somewhere else besides the back of eyelids. In addition, I am hopeful that satisfaction will convince me to keep coming back to the keyboard. A blog it is.
I have an English degree and I was so happy pursuing that degree in what I lovingly refer to as Auburn Part II. I adored spending my time reading, writing, and talking about reading and writing. I was happy to surround myself with the quiet peace that only a library can provide (not to mention the intoxicating smell of so many books). I loved sharing my thoughts, choosing just the right word, and challenging myself. I think that blogging might be the real world equivalent of being an English major. Now, if only it came with required reading lists and heated discussions, I would be in bookworm heaven.
I am pretty confident I will only have one reader. Valerie, I am looking at you! (However, you always were my best critic so I eagerly anticipate your feedback!) But I am creating this blog for myself  – gaining readers would just be the cherry on top of a long overdue sundae.
For now, I am happy to be joining the party! Brain cells, you better WERK!


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